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NEW 2020 Hobie Kayaks for SALE and DEMO direct from the Hobie Centre Poole

We will help guide you to your perfect Hobie kayak. We will talk you through the range and what exactly you would like from your Hobie kayak, we will narrow your choice to a few kayaks and then get you on the water for a demo. All new Hobie kayaks come with a full boat handover, free fitting of accessories and 0% finance is available.

Hobie Tandem Island - 2020 Model


We love the Tandem Island for exploring. Suitable for rivers, canals, harbours estuaries and the open sea. A versatile and easy to use a sailing boat that can be easily handled by one person or take out a family by using the wing trampolines. Take a look at some of our videos to see the boat in action. Always available for demo in Poole.

Hobie Adventure Island - 2020 model

Sail, fish and explore on the Hobie Adventure Island. Very easy to transport, rig up and get out on the water. Single-handed boat with room for a crew on the trampolines. Come and try down in Poole.

Hobie Pro Angler 12 360

Hobie Pro Angler 12 360

The most maneuverable fishing kayak ever. Turn in any direction at any time for ultimate flexibility. There is tons of storage on this boat for all of your gear and plenty of stability to stand to pull in a fish. This kayak is available for demo from Spring 2020.

Hobie i14T - 2020 model

The Hobie i14T is a great 2 person inflatable kayak. This boat is popular as an alternative Yacht Tender and can be easily stored in a campervan giving the freedom to explore waterways wherever you go.

Hobie Outback Camo - 2020 model

The all-rounder. The best fishing kayak for all types of water. Tons of carrying capacity aboard and now with the new kick-up fins. Come and try one at Poole

Hobie Outback - 2020 model

The all-rounder!  The Hobie Outback is great for all kinds of fishing from fresh-water to saltwater and there is loads of space on board for all your fishing accessories.

Hobie Revolution 11 - 2020 Model

Lightweight and nimble The Hobie Revolution 11 is one of the fastest kayaks in the range. Great for people with a smaller build and easily driven by a child as young as 7 years. Hobie Revolution Kayaks are great if you like a mix of peddling and paddling.

Hobie Revolution 13 - 2020 model

The Hobie Revolution kayaks are very easily driven. Their narrow hull shape means that they are among the fastest boats in the Hobie range and thanks to the super comfortable Vantage seat you can stay out on the water all day.

Hobie Revolution 16 - 2020 Model

The Hobie Revolution 16 is a sleek and fast kayak that is ideally suited to covering distance and using on the sea.

Hobie i9S - 2020 model

Go where you want without boundaries on the Hobie inflatable kayak range. The boat folds up into a wheely bag making it ideal for storage onboard a boat, in a campervan or in the boot of a car. The hull construction is so durable that we are even happy to fish from Hobie inflatable kayaks.

Hobie i11s - 2020 model

The Hobie i11s inflatable kayak/sup hybrid is one of the most versatile watersports products. If you are in the mood for kayaking then add the seats, Mirage Drive and a few fishing rods and head out on the water wherever you choose. OR if you fancy trying some Stand-up Paddleboarding just put drive-well bung in place add the fin and away you go.

Hobie i12S - 2020 model

Go anywhere with a Hobie inflatable kayak. This boat can be easily transported in a wheeled holdall and when you arrive simply pump it up and go. Popular as an alternative to a Yacht tender. Easy transport around the marina without the worries of maintaining and engine.

Hobie Pro Angler 14 - 2020 model

The Hobie Pro-Angler – The ultimate fishing kayak. Loads of space for all your equipment. stability to stand up to pull fish in. Mirage Drive 180 kick-up on new 2020 models.

Hobie Pro Angler 12 - 2020 Model

Hobie Pro Angler 12 the ultimate fishing kayak. There is plenty of stability so that you are able to stand up to spy and pull in fish. You can also install a wide range of accessories easily on the side bars. New for 2020 the Pro Angler 12 and 14 come with kick-up fins as standard. Watch put for the new Pro Angler 360.

Hobie Pro Angler 12 Camo - 2020 model

The Hobie Mirage Pro Angler Camo cannot be beaten for stability and storage space. We recommend that you come and try fishing from the Hobie Pro Angler at our demo centre in Poole. We offer free-fitting on any accessories you might want for your kayak as well as 0% finance.

The Hobie Centre offers a comprehensive range of MirageDrive Hobie kayaks, including sailing, fishing and inflatable models.

If you are expecting an ordinary kayak shop then you will be disappointed, we are not based on an industrial estate with only a car park as the “demo centre”.  We are where you need to be if you wish to try your boat on the water before you buy. After 21 years as Hobie Dealers our Hobie expertise is the best in the U.K. After all, we use Hobie products every day. So if you need advice on which is the most suitable boat for you, how to transport it etc. then talk to us!

If you are not sure which kayak to choose from the range then give us a call with your requirements an we will be happy to advise you.  You may also wish to read our blog which could will help to narrow your choice a little.  https://shorething.co.uk/how-to-choose-the-perfect-hobie-kayak-for-you/

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